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French and English

There are many books, both novels and fact, written about Reunion Island. It is a shame that most of these are in French and very few are translated. However, the history of the Indian Ocean is not something without the influence of past British exploits and many books on the region will include references to Reunion and its sister isle Mauritius.

A far from definitive list of Indian Ocean authors can be found on this site - albeit in French it is most accessible.

If you read French, one of the most prolific and informative authors on the island is Daniel Vaxelaire. His "Chasseur de noirs" is an excellent novel recounting the period of slavery and "Les Chasseurs d'épices" illustrated the importance of the Indian Ocean shipping routes, and the islands to the spice trade.

Amongst the more well-known authors writing in French and Creole can be found the following :

  • Monique Agénor
  • Ibrahim Ali
  • Maryvette Balcou
  • Anne Cheynet
  • Prosper Eve
  • Boris Gamaleya
  • Axel Gauvin
  • Daniel Honoré
  • Christian Jalma
  • Claire Karm
  • Mikael Kourto
  • Daniel Lauret
  • André Robèr
  • Julienne Salvat
  • Jean-François Samlong
  • Patrice Treuthardt
  • Daniel Vaxelaire

A quick search on Amazon will find most of the above and remember to try "ile de la réunion" if you are not getting many results with "Reunion Island".


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