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This site evolved over time, has been eroded by the wind and rain baked by the sun and is slowly taking root..

There are plenty of sites in French about Reunion Island but none in English and not by someone who actually lives here. The original site was started in 2003 during my failed attempt to start a tourist business. However, five years later and I am still enamoured and working on web sites and web site translations, and still have a great affinity and attachment to the island and its culture.

I have not produced a bilingual version of the site as I feel there are ample in French and would prefer to do one in Creole. Should the demand arise, I will happily provide a translation and would be more than happy if someone were to offer a translation in Creole ;-)

I should point out that I receive no financial reward for this site and that any opinions etc expressed are my own and, as such, subject to my peculiar "weltanschauung" and dire sense of humour. I do, however, need to make a living and will accept propositions for adverts and can produce banners and ads for your site as well as offering a translation service. Should this be of interest to you, please contact me.

All photos and images on this site are original and taken by me unless otherwise indicated where sources are acknowledged.

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