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In some respects Reunion Island is Mother Earth in micro - there are tropical beaches and 3000m high peaks, volcanoes and forests. This contrast is reflected in its human population and the cultural diversity. The island could well be a blue print for the future if it can withstand the onslaught of globalisation, consummerism and neo-colonialism. (If one is interested, I would recommend reading the polemic on cultural diversity that can be found in English on the regional council web site ).

All too often, Réunion is offered as a "European" destination in the Indian Ocean - european style health care and amenities etc etc etc ad nauseum. This, fortunately, is not Europe, and as has been shown by the recent (2005/6) epidemic of chikungunya it is in the tropics. Réunion is unique and, hopefully, it will stay that way and offer a glimpse to all who visit of the importance of diversity in both nature and humanity.

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Tourist links

a varied selection

Other sites based on the island that offer "portails" include : - the phrase is creole for "I love you" and the site is eclectic with little or no ads - hurrah!

... the list is long and they all seem to suffer from web based monoculturalism, but that is an opinion.


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A keyword search will throw up most sites pertaining to the island albeit that most are in French. In general the quality is good, if commercial - looks like you will have to learn French or believe everything written here!

For the anglophone, Wikipedia is a good starting point and the "official" tourist office site can be found here. I, personally, would not endorse it, but then they wouldn't endorse mine would they? ;-) The Regional Council site and the site of the "Conseil General" are informative but "dry".

Facts and figures can be found on Wikipedia as well as the CIA World fact book site - in fact, most people seem to glean their info. from these and just add their banners - see Any-answers. For an alternative, try - everyculture.